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There are a lot of restaurants out there. We try to be a little different by making the effort to do things a lot better. We take the example set by Milestone, our sister property, to source locally and build a community. Additionally at Almighty Bistro we use all local organic and pasture raised meat, poultry and eggs. Also we keep everything, 100% gluten free.

Almighty bistro is a chef driven gluten free restaurant that changes with the seasons. The products we select for service are local, non-gmo, sustainable and regenerative. Our meat, poultry and eggs are entirely pasture raised and local. 

We have always had an affinity for the small, independent restaurants that give cities their charm.  And we want our community to benefit from the same bespoke and careful attention paid to simply doing things right.

Our sister property Milestone has paved the way for seasonal changes and unique offerings.  And we are proud to take their dedication a step farther with our little gem.

A tiny little restaurant built to do big things on a small stage. We are proud to support local farms, small businesses, independent craftsman and budding entrepreneurs.

There is not one drop of gluten in our restaurant and all of our product is whole food-organic; free from excessive processing and all GMO.

Our meats & eggs come from Sonny's Farm in Rescue. A regenerative / sustainable / all natural / organic farm & pasture. 

We have 8 tables inside of our restaurant and a few seats at the bar. We are first come, first served.  And we will begin doing take out dining in the fall. 

Daniel Zedda - CEO Kasuari

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Jyoer Byoend

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Thereesa Hamilton

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Charless Leemen

Roast Chef
Andrew L Yelp

This is a perfect place for people who are GF and those who aren't. It's a bit more casual than Milestone up the street, but the quality of the food and service is top notch. Highly recommend!

Katherine C. Yelp

Such a cute Bistro and the customer service was phenomenal! The blackened salmon was cooked perfectly and paired nicely with the pomegranate glaze.

Paige S. Google

Our new favorite restaurant in EDH. I have been gluten free for almost 10 years and my husband is “gluten reduced” as a result. We couldn’t believe the entire menu is gf and, to be honest, you cannot tell because there is absolutely no compromise on taste.

Tevi H. Google

Absolutely delicious. Came for lunch with friends and ordered several small plates. Every single thing we tried was incredible!

Anthony I. Yelp

Almighty Food Co. has such a fun menu and atmosphere. We tried the burger, grill cheese/ soup, eggplant side, and topped it off with a s'mores desert. They have a brunch that I'm looking forward to trying. *Random note: the chairs were surprisingly comfortable : )

Nathan B. Yelp

Wow! Almighty Bistro is amazing. I'm celiac (gluten free), and the entire restaurant is gluten free and you seriously wouldn't know it. Trust me - I hate most gluten free food.