Almighty Salads

toasted macadamia nuts mixed greens, carrots, scallions with ginger & mandarin dressing, sesame seeds
pasture raised chicken teriyaki, prairie breeze, tamari seven minute egg, sliced avocado, mandarin orange, onion, crispy won tons & almighty vinaigrette
whole dressed organic leaves of romaine, crispy won ton chips, shaved prairie breeze, misoyaki caesar dressing, seven minute egg, (white anchovies available on request)

Almighty TACOS

3 tacos corn tortillas, melted cheese, island salsa, cabbage, scallion, almighty aioli
3 tacos on corn tortillas, rice, chopped kalbi beef, k-town slaw, almighty aioli, scallion

Almighty POKE

crispy rice paper bowl, tuna, and salmon tartares tossed in poke sauce, miso aioli, sushi rice, sunomono, jalapeno, radish, cilantro, furikake
raw salmon & ahi tuna - house poke sauce - jalapeno, wakame, sunomono, avocado, sprouts, mandarin, island fruit salsa, chilled house sticky sushi rice
2 scallop shells willed with rainbow tartare hashed with garlic, scallion, miso aioli over rice, broiled with breadcrumb & kakuni sauce

Almighty BURGER

bacon jam, melted cheese, almighty spread, pickles, lettuce - side of mac salad


lemon grass and ginger chicken bone broth, rice noodles, shaved onion, carrot, chopped cilantro, basil leaf, raw spinach, tamari egg, bean sprouts and jalapeno, braised chopped chicken (with prawns + 7)
bell pepper, spring onion, roasted cauliflower, eggplant, ube sweet potato over steamed white rice (add salmon or prawns or seared salmon + 9)
slowly simmered and pulled teriyaki chicken, bok choi & charred onions, over steamed rice
half pound beef patty, sunny egg, mushroom & scallion gravy, grilled dressed k-town cabbage, k-town slaw over steamed rice
glazed teriyaki chicken & garlic prawns, house spam, kalbi asada served with white rice, mac salad, sunomono
marinated in misoyaki and broiled till charred bok choy & mushrooms, steamed white rice
cross cut marinated braised & seared with dressed sweet potatoes & grilled dressed k-town cabbage
(a clarified margarita) herradura blanco & naranja orange liqueur, lime, clarified, large rock
double pour tito's handmade vodka, lillet blanc, olives and house brine
(a curious old fashion) redwood empire pipe dream bourbon fresh vanilla and cinnamon, infused simple syrup, smoked maldon salt, bitters, evergreen
titos vodka, midtown espresso liqueur, cold brew, house vanilla, macadamia foam
tito's, orange, pineapple, raspberry, lemon
redwoord empire, aperol, velvet falernum, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple
light tequila & abasolo bourbon, passion fruit, orange, lime
light rum, montenegro, orange bitters, ginger, simple syrup
light rum, mint, coconut cream, macadamia orgeat
black rum, house ginger syrup, lime, soda
spiced rum, campari, pineapple, agave, lime
tequila blanco, dark rum, almond orgeat, pineapple, orange, lime
del meguey mezcal, orgeat, yellow chartreuse, lime, habanero sauce


sesame chicken, steamed rice, macadamia nutes, carrots, cilantro, quick kimchi slaw
light corn chips, chopped poke, almighty sauce, sriracha, sesame, green onion, cabbage
crispy brussel sprouts with savory dehydrated mushroom & nikiri sauce
5pc. garlic, garlic, and more garlic, over rice
mixed greens, miso vinaigrette, crispy won ton, toasted almonds, grilled teriyaki chicken


dios azul blanco, naranja, lime, simple
yuzu gin, naranja, lime, simple
tito's, orange, raspberry, lemon
tito's naranja liqueur, soda, cranberry

Flavour Desserts

Dark melted chocolate, juicy orange, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla sticks
Strawberry, golden syrup, brown sugar, cream cheese, cinnamon
Vanilla pod, rhubard, golden caster sugar, orange, milk, double cream
Milk, powdered gelatin, whipping cream, honey, sugar, salt,nfresh berries
Egg yolks, sugar, milk, mascarpone cheese, coffee, brandy, cocoanpowder, chocolate
Tangerine, vanilla sticks, milk, brown sugar, double cream

Almighty DRINKS

Wine (bottle & glass)

sonoma, california. (sparkling)
collection 242, champagne, france. (sparkling)
san gregorio, italy
bonterra, estate, organic, mendocino, california
runquist, amador county, california
prisoner, sonoma, california

+ more

ADDL. Alcoholic

moonlight mojito - berry - boocha colada
lager & juicy ipa

Non-alcoholic bev

(ginger) house made ginger syrup fresh lime, san pellegrino (lemon lime) fresh squeezed lemon and lime syrup san pellegrino